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 Athletes must immediately removed from activity when signs/symptoms of a concussion are present.

-Coaches and Athletes must be educated in signs/ symptoms of a concussion.

- Athletes must not return to full activity prior to a minimum of 240 hours (10 days).

-  Athletes must be released to participation by an appropriate medical professional
  before returning.


 All coaches must complete the on-line NFHS Learn Concussion in Sports: http://nfhslearn.com/courses/61037
 All Programs must have a Current Certificate of Course completion on file for each coach

  NMAA Fact Sheet for Coaches:
  Signed form on file for each coach

  Additionally, all Programs must meet Student Athlete and Parent Requirements and complete the on-line course
   NFHS Learn Concussion for Students:

  And have on file a current Certificate of Course completion on file for each athlete
   NMAA Fact Sheet for Athletes/Parents:
  Signed form on file for each Athlete and Parent


  The New Mexico Lacrosse Association values the safety of all our players. Additional information about concussion awareness can be found through the US Lacrosse website (click).